NH2XL GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link
  • NH2XL GPV 1500VDC Fuse LinkNH2XL GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link
  • NH2XL GPV 1500VDC Fuse LinkNH2XL GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link

NH2XL GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link

Designed primarily for safeguarding cables within photovoltaic chain circuits, the WESTKING NH2XL PV fuse NH2XL GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link stands as a reliable guardian. Its innovative insertion-style structure not only ensures effective protection but also enhances the convenience of installation and replacement processes.

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Product Description

The WESTKING NH2XL photovoltaic (PV) fuse NH2XL GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link is primarily designed to protect cables in photovoltaic chain circuits. Its insertion-style structure makes installation and replacement more convenient. With its excellent performance and reliability, the NH2XL fuse has gained widespread acceptance globally. In addition, the product complies with the IEC60269 standard, ensuring its safety and stability in various application scenarios.The insertion structure of the NH2XL fuse allows for quick connection to photovoltaic systems, reducing installation costs and time. Its compact design and high-strength materials enable installation in limited spaces, meeting the space requirements of modern photovoltaic systems. Furthermore, the NH2XL fuse demonstrates excellent performance in resisting fault currents, effectively protecting photovoltaic systems from damage.

NH2XL GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link Technical data

•Rated voltage: 1500Vdc
•Rated currents: 125A...400A
•Utilization category: gPV
•Rated breaking capacity: 50kA
•Minimum interrupt rating: 1.35·In
•Non fusing current: 1.13·In
•Storage temperature: -40°C ... 90°C
•Operating temperature : -40°C ... 85°C

•When the ambient temperature exceeds 25°C, please refer to the WESTKING Solar fuse temperature correction table.

NH2XL GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link Standards

IEC/EN 60269-1 Fuse links – general requirements

IEC/EN 60269-6 Fuse links for solar photovoltaic systems

UL248-19 Photovoltaic fuse links

RoHS Compliant


With striker device

Full range protection

Fuse material selected from Toshiba, Japan

Meet salt spray test requirements


Compatible with inverters and battery charge controllers, this device provides protection for PV modules in-line and is suitable for combiner box applications.

Suitable for use in all photovoltaic systems, it offers protection at the string/array level of PV systems.


• is09001 iatf16949




Rated Current I2t (A2s) Power loss(w) 1.0 In Net weight
Melting Clearing
125A 2000 8000 35 1250g
160A 5200 19000 42
200A 9500 46000 52
250A 16800 82000 60
315A 40000 120000 72
350A 44000 136000 80
400A 56000 180000 88

t-I characteristics

Dimensions (mm)

119 114 123 202 32 6 51 60

Compatible FUSE bases

temperature correction coefficient chart


1.The fuse operates normally within the temperature range of -5°C to 40°C, and no additional correction is required.

2.The allowable usage conditions are -40°C to 85°C.

3.Within the range of allowable usage conditions, refer to this table.

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