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About Us

Westking is the first manufacturer in China to specialize in the production of direct current (DC) fuses for electrical protection in the new energy sector. Our products are widely utilized in various fields, including pure electric and hybrid new energy vehicles, wind energy storage, rail transportation, solar power generation, and more. As industry leaders, we have elevated the standards of electrical protection in the new energy sector.

One of our production facilities is located in the Electrical Capital of China, Wenzhou.

Yueqing Economic Development Zone.

Quality Management

Zhejiang Westking New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. rigorously adheres to the ISO 9001:2000 and IATF 16949 quality management systems to ensure that our product quality and performance meet international standards. Our products comply with international standards such as IS0 8820, IEC 60269, and national standards like GB/T 31465 and GB 13539. We have also obtained certifications from Germany's TUV, CE, EU ROHS, as well as reports from renowned domestic testing facilities. What we provide to our customers is not merely products but also a guarantee of quality.

Detection Capability

Fuse Characteristic Test Bench

Test the temperature rise, power consumption, fuse characteristics, rated current, voltage drop, and more of the fuse.

Fuse Resistance Test Bench

Test the cold-state resistance of the fuse.

High-Low Temperature Test Bench

Test the fuse's tolerance to high and low temperatures (-40 to 120°C).

Tensile Testing Machine

Test the fuse's resistance to pulling and detachment.

Salt Spray Test Machine

Test the fuse's ability to withstand corrosive environments.

Vehicle Vibration Test Bench

Simulate vehicle operating conditions to test the fuse's vibration resistance performance.

Dielectric Voltage Tester

Verify the insulation performance of the fuse base.

Insulation Resistance Tester

Test the insulation resistance of the fuse after it has tripped.

Metal Part Misplacement Detector

Test whether the metal components, such as a spring, inside the fuse base have been incorrectly assembled.

Digital Micro-Ohmmeter

Measure the resistance of a cold-state fuse.

Tensile Tester

Test the insertion and withdrawal force of the fuse.

Our Story


R&d team establishmentIn

April 2014, we established Westking Electric (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, bringing together R&D personnel mainly engaged in the research and development of new energy protection electrical components


Establish a factory

The same year we established a factory in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province to conduct research and development on the China Dongfeng electric wagon DC fuse project.



We have passed ISO9001 and IATF16949 certification, photovoltaic fuses supply 1 million sets worldwide, EV fuses small batch supply car manufacturers.


We were awarded the honorary title of "Science and Technology Factory" by the government. And obtained the supplier qualification of China's largest wind power company, to undertake the fuse product development and design of LG Chemical Company of South Korea


We acquired CKTSAFE and in the same year obtained the annual supply qualification of two provincial power companies in China.


Factory expansion, the establishment of new energy electrical product protection components R & D center in Wuhan.

The Data Speaks

We are a contemporary enterprise that handles resources with proficiency and precision. Our aspirations for the future lie in attaining a helm in the manufacturing and marketing of our products, while reinforcing our global standing. WESTKING was founded in 2014 in Shanghai, China Our products are exported to 46 countries.

106 persons
in head office and factory

The production process is totally integrated into our facilities.
Our manufacturing processes are highly automated, fruit of the internally developed technological level, and specifically applied to each production line.

From the manufacturing of each product until its final assembly we try to obtain maximum efficiency applying ongoing improvement and respecting the most demanding standards.
references in our catalogue of products

40 millions
Annual output

Our quality system, certified with ISO 9001 & IATF16949, serves as the foundation for our policy development across all levels of our organization. We have implemented an integrated quality, environmental, and prevention policy that prioritizes client and supplier satisfaction as our primary objective. Our commitment extends to complying with legal and regulatory requirements from the design and innovation phase, ensuring excellence in our products, proper execution of our processes, continuous improvement throughout the entire organization, and a thoughtful approach based on risk analysis.

100% verification
of manufactured products

Our continuous investment in innovation enables us to consistently provide our clients with products of exceptional quality and functionality. The R&D&I department comprises a highly skilled professional team equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and tools, ensuring efficient fulfillment of our mission. Notably, we utilize the most powerful and versatile design and simulation software available. Moreover, our laboratory equipment facilitates extensive electrical and mechanical testing throughout the development of new products as well as periodic inspections on those already in production.

7% invoicing
R&D&I investment

Why choose us


Rich experience

Our team members have 20 years of experience in product design and manufacturing


Fast response speed

We put our customers' needs first at all times, and we don't stop our services even during the holidays.

We are not only the supplier of fuses, we are more professional guide user selection, help customers solve problems


Perfect sales and service ability

We are constantly improving and the team has the same goal


Strong execution


All photovoltaic applications

PV string/array level protection

Combiner box applications

In-line PV module protection


Battery charge controllers

PV Fuse

1000Vdc &1500Vdc
Fuse link and Fuse holder

DC Protection for Electric Vehicle and Battery EV/HEV

Battery pack protection

Battery Disconnect Unit (BDU)

Battery Management Systm (BMS)

Battery Junction Box for auxiliaries

On-Board Chargin

EV Fuse

150Vdc &500Vdc
750Vdc &1000Vdc:

Protection of rectifiers, inverters, DC drivers, UPS systems, reduces voltage motor starters and other equipment in globally accepted aplications.

general purpose cable and line protection

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