10x85mm GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link
  • 10x85mm GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link10x85mm GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link
  • 10x85mm GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link10x85mm GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link
  • 10x85mm GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link10x85mm GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link

10x85mm GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link

Crafted to endure the rigorous conditions of photovoltaic systems, WESTKING's SOLAR 10X85mm Photovoltaic (PV) fuse series 10x85mm GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link stands as a testament to resilience. These fuses have undergone extensive cycle testing and boast TUV and CE certifications, attesting to their reliability and compliance with industry standards.

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Product Description

WESTKING's SOLAR 10X85mm Photovoltaic (PV) fuse series is specifically designed to withstand the harsh temperatures and current cycles of photovoltaic systems. These fuses have undergone rigorous cycle testing and have obtained TUV and CE certification. The metal caps at both ends are treated with silver plating, and the ceramic parts are made of high-alumina ceramics, ensuring resistance to high voltage and high arcs. These 1500VDC-rated fuses are designed for a low minimum breaking capacity at 1.35 times the rated current, allowing for safe circuit interruption under typical low-fault current conditions.

10x85mm GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link Technical data

•Rated voltage: 1500Vdc or 1200Vdc
•Rated currents: 2A...25A
•Utilization category: gPV
•Rated breaking capacity: 50 kA
•Minimum interrupt rating: 1,35·In
•Non fusing current: 1,13·In
•Storage temperature: -40°C ... 90°C
•Operating temperature : -40°C ... 85°C


IEC/EN 60269-1 Fuse links – general requirements

IEC/EN 60269-6 Fuse links for solar photovoltaic systems

UL248-19 Photovoltaic fuse links

RoHS Compliant


Withstands current shocks

Tolerates high and low-temperature environments

Low temperature rise, long lifespan

Ensures reliable performance even in extreme temperatures

10x85mm GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link APPLICATIONS

In-line protection for PV modules Compatible with inverters and battery charge controllers

Suitable for combiner box applications

Applicable to all photovoltaic systems

Provides protection at the string/array level of PV systems

10x85mm GPV 1500VDC Fuse Link Certifications

is09001 iatf16949





Rated Current I2t (A2s) Power loss(w) 1.0 In Net weight
Melting Clearing
2A 3.5 12 1.5 19g
3A 8 18 1.8
4A 16 35 2
5A 30 66 2.1
6A 46 130 2.3
8A 55 200 2.7
10A 70 270 3.2
12A 95 360 3.5
15A 130 400 4.0
20A 220 750 4.8
25A 350 1000 5.0

t-I characteristics

Dimensions (mm)

Compatible FUSE bases

temperature correction coefficient chart


1.The fuse operates normally within the temperature range of -5°C to 40°C, and no additional correction is required.

2.The allowable usage conditions are -40°C to 85°C.

3.Within the range of allowable usage conditions, refer to this table.

Westking's photovoltaic fuse core component, the fuse element, is independently designed and developed by the company, and produced by high-precision mold pressing. The fuse has multiple narrow channels, which ensures the accuracy of the fuse. This is different from many factories that use laser cutting technology. The principle of laser cutting is to melt the fuse at high temperatures, which causes the fuse to be damaged by high temperatures once, and reduces its service life. There may also be pre-melting and abnormal melting phenomena. Westking always adheres to safety and reliability as the core, and produces high-quality fuses, allowing for greater energy conversion improvements.

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