10x38mm Fuse Clips For PCB
  • 10x38mm Fuse Clips For PCB10x38mm Fuse Clips For PCB
  • 10x38mm Fuse Clips For PCB10x38mm Fuse Clips For PCB
  • 10x38mm Fuse Clips For PCB10x38mm Fuse Clips For PCB

10x38mm Fuse Clips For PCB

WESTKING's 10X38mm fuse clip 10x38mm Fuse Clips For PCB stands out among competitors' offerings due to its distinctive design. Unlike many other products on the market that utilize materials such as brass or copper, WESTKING employs innovative materials that mitigate the risk of significant temperature rises in photovoltaic fuses, thereby reducing the likelihood of damage to the PCB.

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Product Description

The 10X38mm fuse clip from WESTKING 10x38mm Fuse Clips For PCB is unique compared to other manufacturers' offerings. Commonly, these products use materials like brass or copper, which can result in a considerable temperature increase in photovoltaic fuses, potentially causing damage to the PCB. However, WESTKING employs phosphor copper material with excellent elasticity and a tin plating, ensuring reliable contact with photovoltaic fuses, minimal loosening, and reduced additional heat generation. This focus on product detail demonstrates WESTKING's commitment to user safety.

10x38mm Fuse Clips For PCB Technical data

•Rated voltage: 1000Vdc or 1500Vdc
•Rated currents: 32A
•Product Size: 10x38mm or 10x85 mm gPV fuses link


The performance depends on proper installation conditions and adherence to the insulation distances specified in the IEC 60664-1 standard.


Excellent elasticity phosphor copper with tin plating material

Easy to install

Space-saving design

Ensures tight contact

Non-spring reinforced construction

10x38mm Fuse Clips For PCB APPLICATIONS

• Clip contact designed for Ø10 cylindrical fuse links, available with screw fixation and PCB mounting options.


is09001 iatf16949




type use Net weigh packing
SFPV-C PCB 3g 100pcs/box

Dimensions (mm)

Compatible FUSE bases

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