150VDC HSF21J High Speed Fuse
  • 150VDC HSF21J High Speed Fuse150VDC HSF21J High Speed Fuse
  • 150VDC HSF21J High Speed Fuse150VDC HSF21J High Speed Fuse
  • 150VDC HSF21J High Speed Fuse150VDC HSF21J High Speed Fuse

150VDC HSF21J High Speed Fuse

Westking's HSF21J high-speed fuse 150VDC HSF21J High Speed Fuse is designed for North American style applications. It is rated for 150 Vac/dc (UL) and can handle currents ranging from 70 to 400 A. This type of fuse is commonly used for the protection of DC common bus, DC drives, power converters/rectifiers, and reduced rated voltage starters. The North American style bolted tag high-speed fuses offer reliable protection and efficient performance in various electrical systems.

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Product Description

Westking's HSF21J high-speed fuse is primarily designed to protect lithium batteries and semiconductor equipment, including power converters/rectifiers, buck starters, and other related devices. Lithium batteries are becoming increasingly popular due to their high energy density and environmental friendliness, but they require proper protection to prevent overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit conditions.

In summary, Westking's HSF21J high-speed fuse is a robust and reliable solution for protecting DC circuits in North American style applications. With its high current rating and fast-acting mechanism, it offers excellent protection for a variety of electrical systems.

150VDC HSF21J High Speed Fuse Technical data

Type Rated voltage Rated  currents
HSF21J-(Amp) 150VDC/250Vac 70A、80A、100A、125A、150A、200A、 250A、300A、350A、400A

Utilization category:aR

Rated breaking capacity:AC250V-100kA / DC150V--20kA


Low I2t preserves protected components from damage in case of short circuits.

Managed arc voltage minimizes stress on circuit components during fuse operation.

Flexible mounting types accommodate diverse termination needs.


Protection of heavy duty devices such as electrochemical rectifiers

Lithium battery,

Semiconductor equipment such as power converter/rectifier, buck starter,etc.

150VDC HSF21J High Speed Fuse Certifications

• is09001 iatf16949




Type I2t (A2s) Power loss 1.0 In(w) Mounting bolt/ torque
Melting Clearing
HSF21J-70AMP 470 4000 6.9 Install bolt M8 Recommended mounting torque 12.0 N▪m
HSF21J-80AMP 670 6000 7.7
HSF21J-100AMP 1200 12000 9.0
HSF21J-125AMP 1870 18000 11.2
HSF21J-150AMP 2700 26000 13.5
HSF21J-200AMP 4780 45000 17.6
HSF21J-250AMP 7470 70000 22.5
HSF21J-300AMP 10760 100000 27.0
HSF21J-350AMP 15700 140000 30.6
HSF21J-400AMP 20300 180000 35.2

HSF21J Current characteristic diagram

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