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1000VDC WKIGBT Fuse Link
  • 1000VDC WKIGBT Fuse Link1000VDC WKIGBT Fuse Link
  • 1000VDC WKIGBT Fuse Link1000VDC WKIGBT Fuse Link

1000VDC WKIGBT Fuse Link

Westking's IGBT FUSE 1000VDC 1000VDC WKIGBT Fuse Link is a high-voltage fuse designed for protecting power devices and circuits. With a rated voltage of 1000VDC, it is suitable for use in various high-voltage applications, such as industrial control, power systems, transportation, new energy, and more. Westking's IGBT FUSE 1000VDC effectively protects IGBT modules and inverter circuits, preventing damage caused by overvoltage and overcurrent faults. It is widely used in solar photovoltaic power generation, wind power, power electronic equipment, communication equipment, medical devices, aerospace, and other fields.

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Product Description

Westking's high-speed bolted tag fuses 1000VDC WKIGBT Fuse Link are specifically designed for safeguarding IGBT modules and are ideal for use in IGBT inverter circuits with DC fuse voltage ratings reaching up to 1000 Vdc. These fuses boast low inductance (≤ 20nH), making them suitable for high-speed switching applications. They effectively protect against overvoltage and overcurrent faults, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of IGBT modules and inverter circuits.

1000VDC WKIGBT Fuse Link Technical data

•Rated voltage: 1000Vdc
•Rated currents: 25A...250A
•Utilization category: aR
•Rated breaking capacity: 50kA


IEC/EN 60269-4

RoHS Compliant


High voltage rating: Suitable for high-voltage circuits with a rating of 1000VDC, meeting the needs of most high-voltage applications.

Fast response: Using high-speed melting technology, it can quickly cut off the circuit when a fault occurs, protecting equipment and personnel safety.

Low loss: IGBT FUSE 1000VDC has low melting loss, stable performance over time, and reduced operating costs.

High reliability: With high reliability and stability, it ensures normal operation of equipment under various working conditions.

Easy installation and maintenance: Using a bolted installation method, it is convenient for installation and removal. Its simple structure also reduces maintenance costs.

Wide application areas: IGBT FUSE 1000VDC is widely used in industrial control, power systems, transportation, new energy, and other fields, providing high practical value


Industrial control: Protects IGBT modules and inverter circuits in industrial control systems.

Power systems: Safeguards power equipment and circuits in power plants, substations, and transmission lines.

Transportation: Protects high-voltage circuits in electric vehicles, trains, and aircraft.

New energy: Ensures reliability and safety of high-voltage circuits in renewable energy systems, including solar, wind, and hydroelectric power.

Communication: Protects high-voltage circuits in communication systems, such as fiber optic and wireless communication devices.

Medical: Guarantees reliability and safety of high-voltage circuits in medical devices, e.g., X-ray machines, ultrasound machines, and laser equipment.

Aerospace: Protects high-voltage circuits in spacecraft and satellites, ensuring system stability and reliability.

Rail transportation: Safeguards high-voltage circuits in traction converters, braking control systems, and rail signal equipment.

Electric power electronics: Protects high-voltage circuits in power amplifiers, signal converters, and power supplies.

Other high-voltage applications: Includes plasma cutting machines, electrolysis equipment, and other high-voltage devices

1000VDC WKIGBT Fuse Link Certifications

• is09001 iatf16949




Rated Current I2t (A2s) Power loss(w) 1.0 In Net weight
Melting Clearing
25A 19 100 13.6 224g
32A 35 180 16.8
40A 60 300 19.0
50A 130 670 20.50
63A 240 1200 21.0
80A 500 2400 26.0
100A 1000 5100 31.0
125A 1850 9500 33.0
160A 4000 20000 36.0
200A 8400 42000 43.0
225A 12500 59500 44.6
250A 15500 80000 47.0

Dimensions (mm)

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