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Electric vehicle fuse replacement tutorial


How to replace the fuse of an electric vehicle: You need to first find a black screw cap on the electric vehicle battery box. Generally, there are the English letters "fuse" on it. You need to open the black screw cap to see the fuse. Unscrew the blown fuse and replace it with one of the same specification. When replacing the fuse, just connect the positive and negative poles of the battery. It should be noted that when connecting, you should pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the circuit and do not connect them reversely.

Electric vehicle fuse replacement tutorial-Youcha

Electric vehicles on the market now generally have fuses. Once the charger has abnormal charging, the fuse will provide overload protection, which can avoid damage to the battery. However, fuses are easily damaged components and may burn out or become loose after being used for a long time. These problems require timely repair or replacement.

Sometimes the resistance of the fuse is relatively small. When you first start riding a new car, the fuse can still be used normally, but it will burn out in a short time. Generally, this situation is often caused by the controller. When the controller is first started, the current will be greater than the maximum value of the fuse, so the fuse will burn. In this case, a thicker fuse can be replaced.

Electric vehicle fuse replacement tutorial-Youcha

In addition, abnormal charging of electric vehicles may be caused by many reasons besides the burnt fuse. Therefore, in addition to checking the fuse, other components should also be checked. For example, if there is something wrong with the charger, if the charger circuit is abnormal, it will not charge. Another question is whether the positive and negative charging holes of the charger and the car match. If they are plugged in backwards, charging will not be possible.

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