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Advantages of photovoltaic fuses


Photovoltaic fuses have the following superior properties:

1. Comprehensive protection: Photovoltaic fuses can effectively break as low as 1.3×1 (fuse rating) @1000Vdc. Especially suitable for thin film batteries and 4”, 5”, 6” crystalline silicon solar panels.

2. Environmentally friendly and recyclable: Photovoltaic fuses fully consider the operation and environmental impact of photovoltaic panel systems.

3. 1000Vdc capacity: Photovoltaic fuses are suitable for typical photovoltaic panel systems, the operating conditions can reach 1000Vdc, and the fuse reaction time is less than 1ms.

4. 10×38mm international standard specifications: suitable for various current ranges, with standard metal ferrules, bolts and multi-purpose circuit board mounting methods available.

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